My report on four years of work for you


During this term on City Council, it has been an honour, a privilege, a thrilling and humbling experience representing St Boniface Ward.

I have learned a great deal, both about how best to lobby for the interests of my community, how to communicate and be guided by my community, and how to tackle the long term needs and challenges of our entire City.

Below are some of the things I have accomplished for you as Councillor, and some of the projects that have been initiated I hope to continue working on as Councillor.


  • Serving St. Boniface and Winnipeg as chair of the Infrastructure and Public works committee, building a city for a million people by 2035

  • $10 million dollar investment in Promenade Tache, riverbank stabilisation and beautification project

  • Record private investment in a diversity of housing in Old St. Boniface made possible with update to the Old St. Boniface secondary plan in 2017

  • Building and opening of the brand new Windsor Park Library


  • Record dollars invested in fixing our roads, over $440 million spent by this Council and a record $116 million dollars budgeted this year for the most spent on road renewal since any council ever

  • St Boniface Ward share of record investment in roads over $30M

  • Fermor Bridge Rehabilitation project $29.5 M

  • Bishop Grandin Rehabilitation

  • Dozens of local roads repaired, maintained or rehabilitated

  • Tens of thousands of potholes filled every year


  • Council adopted my policy proposal for annual evaluation of the Winnipeg Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and the only four statutory officers that Council hires

  • Province responded to my motion that was approved by Council unanimously for whistleblower protections for municipal workers, the only jurisdiction in Canada that will afford the same protections to municipal workers as their provincial counterparts

  • City of Winnipeg hired its first ever Integrity Commissioner and updated Council code of conduct

Investments in the Community

  • Norwood Community Centre upgrades to Kitchen, Hockey Rink, LED lights and pathway

  • New sidewalk to Ecole Howden

  • Funding for the Provencher school playground project

  • Funding for École Van Bellingham playground project

  • Funding for Nordale School playground project

  • Funding for General Vanier School project

  • Funding for École Taché Playground project

  • Riverbank stabilization and riverbank pathway project completed on Lyndale Drive

  • Safety modifications to the Norwood Bridge

  • New sidewalk along Lagimodiere to Burmac Rd

  • New sidewalk on Weatherstone Place in Southdale

  • Thousands in bursaries provided to graduating students of St Boniface high schools

  • Tens of thousands of dollars in small grants provided to dozens of local organizations and community initiatives

  • Fully rehabilitated Happyland Park

  • 2018 rehabilitation of Windsor Park parks

  • Funded study for replacement of Notre Dame Community Centre Ice Plant replacement

  • $60,000 in funding to Ron Duhamel Park in Sage Creek

  • New turning lane into Sage Creek Blvd from Lagimodiere Blvd

  • Began work on Speers Road College Beliveau active transportation link

  • Funded Norwood Business Improvement Zone projects

  • Millions of dollars worth of back lane asphalting done in St Boniface, over 20 blocks of gravel back lane upgraded to asphalt through local improvement process and city funding

Growth and Development

  • 174 Provencher, first apartment built on Provencher since the 1970s, a $10 million dollar investment

  • Conversion of the old Lawn Man on Aubert street for a $5 million dollar investment in over 20 new apartments

  • Multi-million dollar project for brand new Gym Kids daycare in Southdale as well as new housing

  • Sought compromise on many small and medium scale developments in the ward to provide new housing as well as respect community feedback

  • New cell tower approved and built in Sage Creek

  • Moved Parmalat plant out of old St Boniface into brand new city developed land/facility in the industrial park, spurring millions in investment and new jobs and opening the door to new land uses like the possibility of high density residential housing

Policy Proposals

  • Study on impact of automated vehicles

  • Motion to reform to cell tower planning policy

  • Endorsed reform to zoning rules to allow commercial agriculture in residential zoned properties and yards

  • Assisted with the long term resolution of Maison des Artistes funding issues

  • New residential traffic calming process moved to City Council to give more tools to residents

  • Promoted alternative strategy for cost saving method of organic waste pickup away from a flat fee for organic recycling toward a user pay for use of garbage pickup

  • Proposed a reform to improve the land planning public notification system to give community better notification around land planning issues

  • Promoted the zipper merge traffic maneuver with a pilot on a street in St. Boniface during construction, continue to promote this maneuver as a way to better traffic flow at no infrastructure cost

  • City of Winnipeg funding grants provided to the Winakwa & Archwood Community Centres

Serving & Communicating with the People

  • Assisted in founding of new residents associations

  • Rode every bus route in St Boniface Ward

  • My office responded to thousands of individual emails and phone calls

  • Sent over 250,000 emails updating folks on City of Winnipeg issues

  • Launched St B smell complaint campaign and website which anecdotally led to a noticeable decrease in odour incidents over the last four years

  • Heavy use of social media to maintain ongoing communication on neighbourhood based issues and city policy with tens of thousands of people every month.

  • Worked with Minister Rochelle Squires and the Provincial Government on issues related to industrial residential land use conflict, and communicating with the public about them

Big Moves at City Hall I worked Closely On

  • Supported new Active Transportation Strategies Document

  • Supported new Dog Park Master Plan, and began work on expanding dog parks in St Boniface

  • Supported new Active Transportation snow clearing funding

  • Supported new forestry funding, a record $7.1 million in the 2018 budget

  • Passionately supported the Bruce Oake Recovery Centre to address Winnipeg’s drug and opioid crisis

  • Moved a Council motion and delivered Free Wi-Fi in City facilities

  • Chaired and oversaw City of Winnipeg cannabis coordination committee which assisted in drafting new regulations for legal cannabis

  • Implementing new Winnipeg Transit security measures

Long Term Planning and Vision for the Future

  • Working with community to plan density and infill development in order to reinvest in the community and grow our tax base to avoid service cuts and tax increases

  • Supporting public and active transportation in Winnipeg to prepare for moving 1 million people by 2035

  • Building up thriving, vibrant commercial main streets on Provencher, Marion, and across Winnipeg.

  • Supporting, enhancing, and protecting efficient delivery of public services

  • Finding and building homes for the new Canadian communities in St Boniface

  • Continuing to build the high quality local improvement and infrastructure projects the community is asking for

  • Productive and detailed community engagement on the issues of the day

It’s been a rock and roll four years, thanks for the opportunity to have represented St. Boniface and Winnipeg for this time.



Matt Allard

City Councillor for St. Boniface

Chairperson of the Infrastructure and Public Works Committee

Father, husband, proud St Boniface resident

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