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Last Thursday, I was honoured to be appointed by Mayor Brian Bowman as EPC chair of the Infrastructure Renewal & Public Works Commitee.

Thank you Councillor Marty Morantz for your service in this role and as Chair of Finance Commitee for the last four years.

We have had a record investment in roads, over $400M budgeted during the term so far. We have made significant progress in addressing Winnipeg’s infrastructure deficit, and I look forward to continuing this work and investment in fixing our local and arterial road network.

I am also excited to take an active role in promoting, defending, and improving public transportation in Winnipeg. Though we are faced with significant financial challenges including frozen funding from the Province of Manitoba, I strongly believe that a strong, rapid and reliable mass transit system is essential to progressive urban development, reduces traffic congestion, reduces wear and tear on our roads, and supports thriving and vibrant commercial main streets. In order for our city to thrive and become financially sustainable, we must move towards a greater level of density and support and enable infill development. Transit is essential piece of that puzzle.

I also look forward to supporting and guiding the implementation of our City of Winnipeg Active Transportation strategies. As with transit, I strongly believe that giving more citizens the means to walk and bike to work and throughout their communities, is an essential piece of our transportation network, ensuring we can move 1 Million people by 2035 through our city everyday.

I am eager for the opportunity to working closely with and support our City Public Works Department staff as well, and assist the great work they do everyday on the front lines of public service.

To the many advocates and organizations who come before this committee regularly, thank you for your ongoing work, and I anticipate a productive collaboration with many of you to make a better City for us all.

This is a tremendous honour and I look forward to giving my all to this role, while I continue to serve my St. Boniface Constituent’s everyday.

Matt Allard

Matt Allard
City Councillor for St. Boniface
Chair of the Standing Committee for Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works
Conseiller municipal pour Saint-Boniface



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