Norwood Flats

Hello Norwood Flats,
I’m writing today about a longstanding issue in Norwood Flats, and steps towards resolving it.
For many years, residents of the Flats, in particular those in the north, have struggled to find on street parking in front of their homes due to many “day parkers” using the area to commute to downtown & St Boniface Hospital.
In June, I held a community meeting at the Norwood Community Centre to proposed 2 hour, daytime, weekday, time limited parking on Walmer & Lyndale Drive, the City’s main tool for addressing this problem.
Both at the community meeting and in feedback received afterwards, there was clear support for these changes.
I also informed residents that if we did pursue this option, that some daytime parking would move onto the nearby streets. To that end, I encouraged residents on nearby streets like Lawndale north of Kirkdale to petition their streets for time limited parking there as well. I’m happy to report that several blocks have already started or completed this petition process.
I moved a motion and it passed Public Works Committee on Wednesday morning!
Two hour time limited parking signs will be put up on Walker & Lyndale this year.
The meeting and consultation was promoted the following ways;
800 hand delivered flyers
3500 Facebook views & Advertizing
838 robocalls
Posts to Norwood Flats Friends + Families Facebook page
Posters at Norwood Community Centre
Thank you to everyone who participated in this process. Anyone who wants to pursue time limited parking on their OWN street should contact my office at any time!
Matt Allard
City Councillor for St Boniface

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