Promenade Tache!

I’m thrilled to announce the Promenade Tache project cleared a final hurdle today, and construction will begin this winter!
This core infrastructure project will stabilise the Riverbank on Tache St., fix the sidewalk, and provide other lighting and street enhancements. The private sector is contributing $1 million dollars thanks to the Winnipeg Foundation, and the Federal Government is providing $500 000.
The project will stabilise the riverbank on Tache St., from Provencher/Tache to behind the St. Boniface Hospital, protecting Winnipeg’s primary dike, and preventing further loss of Tache St.
This project will be a major facelift to the St. Boniface riverbank, which currently has a sidewalk in desperate need of repair, and is one of the major destinations for tourists and Winnipeggers alike.
This project is transformative, and will be moving Winnipeg in a direction that celebrates active transportation, Winnipeg’s French Quarter, and will provide additional profile to our beautiful Esplanade Bridge and our amazing Canadian Museum for Human rights.
I’d like to thank Mayor Bowman, my Council Colleagues, MP Dan Vandal, Rick Frost; Executive Director of the Winnipeg Foundation, Norm Gousseau; Executive Director for Enterprise Riel for their support, and the countless other people and organizations that helped make this vision a reality!

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